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Fundraising is a very integral and important part of the Prince George Figure Skating Club as it helps to keep ice and program costs reasonable for everyone, at every level of skating. The Club supports a number of fundraisers throughout the year.  Spread the word throughout our community! 


FUNDRAISING FEES:   Families will have a minimum fundraising requirement upon registration included on their invoice.  Requirement is calculated per family and the highest level will apply (eg. Skaters from same family in CanSkate & Junior Academy, invoice will have the Level 2 requirement of $100 added).  A choice of either Purdy's Chocolates or February 2024 Cash Calendar (daily cash prize draws for the month of February 2024).  Items will be distributed first two weeks of October 2023.  

  • LEVEL 1:  Pre-CanSkate / CanSkate:  $60 - choice of either $60 of Purdy's Chocolates (1 box) or 3 February 2024 Cash Calendars (value $20 each) which can then be sold to redeem cost.
  • LEVEL 2:  Junior Academy, Star 1 & 2:  $ 100 - choice of Purdy's Chocolates or February 2024 Cash Calendar (value $20 each) or a mix of both to total $100.  Items can be sold to redeem cost.
  • LEVEL 3:  Star 3+:  $140 - choice of Purdy's Chocolates or February 2024 Cash Calendar (value $20 each) or a mix of both to total $140.  Items can be sold to redeem cost.

The Prince George Figure Skating Club is a not-for-profit organization sanctioned by Skate Canada. Fundraising is an important way to help subsidize the costs of daily expenses (eg. cost of ice) that would otherwise be collected through an increase in enrollment fees.  


  Volunteer Opportunities

  Volunteers are always needed and very much appreciated anytime. If you can volunteer any of your time to the club and any of our events and fundraisers please call the club at  250-563-4768 or contact us through  email

  Every event and program is planned and manned by volunteers. Many hands make light work and if every parent takes on a small job, our club will be an even better place for our children to skate.
  Please check out the information below to find out more about volunteer opportunities, to look at the structure of our club and to find out how to claim hours for your volunteer levy.

  PGFSC: A Snapshot

  Board of Directors: The Board is responsible for the overall management of the club. Individual members have duties such as hiring coaches, setting the budget, obtaining ice, scheduling programs, setting policy and planning events. The Board approves all the major decisions. The Board generally meets once    a month, and all members of the club are welcome to attend meetings.

  Chairs: Some members of the Board lead committees to accomplish specific jobs. For example, the Carnival Chair will lead a committee to plan and put on the carnival.

  Committee Members: For many committees, any member of the club can join in to help with the planning and organization of a specific area (for example, jamboree or regionals).

  Event Volunteers: Every event needs people to come out and help. Event volunteers are needed at test days, simulation, Carnival, Santa Skate, etc.

  Fundraisers: PGFSC has an annual fundraising goal of $30,000. We will need volunteers to participate in as many of our scheduled fundraisers as possible to achieve this goal.



"We gratefully acknowledge the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development"



    PGFSC is honored to be a recipient of the 2023 Fall Cycle Community Grant through Prince George Community Foundation for our Learn to Skate programs.

Encourage your children to believe in themselves and that you believe in them too. Be positive in their accomplishments and supportive during the ups and downs. Set goals, foster self-responsibility, discourage excuses, encourage persistence. Support their coach.Winning is not always measured by a medal but by simply achieving a goal they have set.