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If you are ill - please stay home!


Refund Policy

Pre-CanSkate & CanSkate: Refunds must be requested. Refunds will be prorated from the day of the request, less insurance and less a $15 administration fee per participant. The Skate Canada insurance fee is non-refundable.  Refunds requested after 4 weeks will be issued as a club credit to be used toward future club programming and are non-transferable.

Junior Academy & CanPower: There will be no refunds after 30 days in the program. Refund requests made within the time limit will be processed within 4 weeks. They will be prorated from the day of the request. The Skate Canada insurance fee is non-refundable.

Star 1/2 & Star 3+: No refunds for Star 1 and up unless illness, injury or relocation to another city prevent participation.


Star 1/2 & Star 3+ Exit Policy: 

  1. Inform the coaches/club of your desire to leave/quit.
  2. An informal exit consultation will be scheduled to discuss your exit and reasons. Participants of this meeting will include yourself, the Director or Assistant Director of Skating, Club President and Club/Coach Liaison.
  3. If you were not able to find a solution to move forward with PGFSC, please follow these next steps:
  4. Pay all outstanding fees to the club (for the entire season(s) that you registered for)
  5. Our coaches will send you a final invoice within 7 days of the conclusion of the meeting. They must be paid in full.
  6. Once these things are done we will declare you in good standing.

Cold Weather Policy

All lessons will be cancelled if the temperature falls below -35°C.

All lessons will be cancelled if there are travel advisories due to inclement weather.

Ice Rules

Skaters are expected to skate on the sessions for which they are qualified and have registered/paid for. Skaters are not permitted to sell, substitute or trade sessions. If you miss your regular session for particular day you may not skate on another session in lieu of the one you missed. You may not have another skater skate on sessions you are not able to attend.
Only water bottles are permitted at the ice surface. No pop or juice, etc, at rink side.

Skate Canada Code of Ethics

Updated July 26, 2021


Guest Coach Policy

Guest coaches must fill out a Guest Coach Request form. The form can be found below and is to be completed and returned to the coach’s liaison, Club President or dropped in the Kin 2 mail slot.

To be eligible guest coaches are expected to bring skaters from their home clubs to the PGFSC ice surface, and on a temporary basis. All completed Guest Coaches’ request forms will reviewed at a regularly scheduled meeting of the PGFSC Board of Directors. Approval will be granted or denied at that time. In the absence of a regular meeting, the Club President in consultation with the Coaches Liaison will approve or deny the request based on the above criteria.

Guest coaches will be advised in writing whether the PGFSC Board has approved or denied their request. The approval or non-approval of a request is at the discretion of the PGFSC Board of Directors.

Approved Coach Requirements:

  • Provide verification of their current Skate Canada credentials and registration
  • Abide by the Skate Canada ‘Coaches Code of Ethics’.
  • Verify that their guest skaters meet the established session criteria.
  • Will not provide lessons to members of the PGFSC.
  • Will not be permitted on club group sessions.
  • Ensure that their guest skaters have provided buy-on fees before joining an ice session.
  • Ensure that their guest skaters follow the rules of PGFSC and the skaters code of conduct.
  • Follow directions of the PGFSC club coaches regarding the flow or courtesy guidelines on any session.
  • Direct all questions and concerns to the Board of Directors

COVID-19 Information


If you have covid-19 symptoms, please refrain from participating in PGFSC activities and refer to the BC Centre for Disease Control for directives:

Member Information




"We gratefully acknowledge the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development"



    PGFSC is honored to be a recipient of the 2023 Fall Cycle Community Grant through Prince George Community Foundation for our Learn to Skate programs.

Encourage your children to believe in themselves and that you believe in them too. Be positive in their accomplishments and supportive during the ups and downs. Set goals, foster self-responsibility, discourage excuses, encourage persistence. Support their coach.Winning is not always measured by a medal but by simply achieving a goal they have set.